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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Lock the Gates!"

Holy...well, deja vu's not the right term. What's it called when you so associate a sample of something with its new context that when you finally see or hear it in the original context your brain explodes—or at least fills in the gap, inserting the rest of the recontextualized art you're so used to hearing follow the brief sampled snippet? Well, what ever it is, I just experienced it watching this clip from Almost Famous featuring Marc Maron.

I saw this movie way back when it came out, before Maron's podcast, and way before I'd ever heard of the guy, so his "Lock the Gates!" line didn't really register with me at the time. It wasn't something I remembered from the movie. After listening to Maron's podcast for so many months now, hearing that sample used in his theme song, I just assumed it was something from an early episode. Anyway, this is a whole roundabout way of saying, watch this clip and be prepared to have your mind blown.

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