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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984)

dir. Sam Firstenberg

When last we dropped in on the Breakin’ crew, Turbo, Special K, and Ozone were living the dream. Special K convinced the irritable-because-he-secretly-he-loved-Special-K-but-was-afraid-that-she-actually-harbored-feelings-for-her-agent-when-in-fact-although-it-did-seem-like-said-agent-actually-had-something-of-a-crush-on-her-what-she-wanted-was-for-the-TKO-crew-and-by-extension- all-maligned-underground-movements-broadly-and-breakdancing-specifically-to-gain-deserved-artistic-respectability-and-so-was-spending-more-time-with-her-agent-in-order-to-score-the-crew-a-break Turbo to trust that her agent knew what was best for them; the crew tried out for a Broadway show; and not only did they get hired, but the entire show was rewritten to take advantage of their talents, becoming an homage to street dancing.

Now, within the span of less than a year, the crew has inexplicably split, becoming estranged, seemingly as if they have been cut off from each other for decades. Special K, no longer the hot young thing on Broadway, is relegated to background duty on a Chorus line, counting off the days until retirement. Turbo and Ozone can no longer get work, so they now devote all their time to running the local community center, Miracles. Which is in danger of being shut down, bulldozed, and transformed into a giant shopping center by an avaricious developer. That is, unless the gang can reunite and give those developers what for, the only way they know how—with dancin’, lots and lots of dancing.

Also, everyone dances now: cops, firefighters, everyone, everyone in the world; they all dance. That’s what life is now—all dancing all the time. So, not only have decades seemingly passed within the past six months (with nary a person showing any signs of aging, no less), everyone has been transported to a fantastical dancing universe where no laws of our reality apply.

So yeah, I hope you’ll buy a ticket for the upcoming film I’m working on: Breaking 1 1/2: Time-Warp Boogaloo, a movie in which I examine the sci-fi goings-on that went on between the two Breakin’ movies.

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