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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Arnold Says Big Words

Ok, you may have noticed my reviews of late have been somewhat more concise than you're used to, and there's sometimes been a lag between your posting of comments and my approving them. Worry not, I'm not neglecting the blog; I do care very much about your comments. Please keep them coming. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for me), I've been super busy with other writing projects and so have not been able to put the same amount of hours into the blog that I previously have. Now, although it's been somewhat stressful, this is definitely the good kind of busy, the busy I live for.

But I'm definitely not abandoning this blog. I'm continuing to write stuff every day for it, and I promise I will post your comments as well as respond to them. Your comments are what keep me going. And this blog is like a drug for me: if I were to go even a day without posting shit, I'd get the shakes something fierce.

Anyway, this is a whole roundabout way of saying: given how much writing I'm doing right now, and how in need of inspiration I am, I've been scouring the internet for creative inspiration. Which is how I found this mashup of Arnold saying big words. By which I mean my writing partner Roger sent me a link to it. You will now know joy.

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