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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hooray for David Michod

Seeing as my writing partner and I have been in a mad short-film-writing dash, we both figured it'd be a good idea to watch a bunch of other folks' shorts—you know, see what they think they know and best them at their own game. (We are awesome.) Joking-ness aside, I've watched some really cool shit. My favorites so far have been those made by David Michod. For those unfamiliar, Michod is the Australian writer/director who recently made the tragic low-level hood masterpiece Animal Kingdom—basically, a much bleaker variation of the Sean Penn/Christopher Walken film At Close Range. If you haven't seen Animal Kingdom yet, watch it immediately. Also, be prepared to be bummed the fuck out.

I included below a few of Michod's shorts. I would write reviews of each but, considering their short lengths, any discussion of their content would seem spoilery. Just watch them; it won't take long.

[Spider - written by Michod]
Probably the least of the bunch, but this short still packs a helluva punch. (I'm sorry for using the word helluva.)

[Crossbow - written and directed by Michod]
Signs of the genius that would come to full fruition on Animal Kingdom.

[Netherland Dwarf - written and directed by Michod]
More of a mood piece, this one grabbed me the most.

[I Love Sarah Jane - written by Michod]
I know I already posted this but, fuck it, here it is again. It's that good.

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